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Full Belly Files | My Highlights from Hospice du Rhône
Recollections of Rhône-Style Wines in Paso Robles

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My most memorable time going to Hospice du Rhône (HdR) was in 2011, when the Paso Robles-based tribute to Rhône-style wines — as in those in light of syrah, grenache, mourvèdre, viognier, roussanne, and almost two dozen different assortments from the Rhône Valley — was praising its nineteenth year.

I expounded exhaustively on that experience here, however I didn’t report the most clever piece. Still a lovely hand-to-mouth columnist in those days — one who was crashing in the super-Spartan, bed-just rooms over the Pine Street Saloon despite the fact that I was 33 years of age — I’d expected my participation at the Chateau Rayas supper had been covered by the companions who’d welcomed me. Just when the bills came out did I understand that I owed about $250 for the delight, which, by then, was the most I’d at any point paid for supper. Yet, I actually recall the Rayas, so consider that cash very much spent.

Fortunately, a few things have changed — I can sporadically manage the cost of such a supper now, for one — and, maybe, significantly more fortunately, a few things have not. Hospice du Rhône stays one of the best time and entrancing wine occasions in the world, as I’ve seen on numerous occasions starting around 2011, from the year that I ran a rowdy board of Santa Barbara and Paso Robles stars to when we facilitated a considerably more rambunctious braai with South Africans at an acquired house.

Since HdR had moved to being an at regular intervals occasion in 2016 — which followed a four-year break after the twentieth emphasis — the ascent of COVID successfully caused an additional four-year rest. Yet, this previous end of the week, Hospice du Rhône got back to Paso Robles, charged precisely as the “Rhône Reunion.” With members returning consistently from one side of the planet to the other, Hospice takes on an extremely mutual energy with every emphasis, really working as a get-together while additionally giving vast measures of instruction and extravagance.